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Surrey Striders


I am Vicky Goode, an accredited instructor with British Nordic Walking. I also hold the YMCA Level 2 Fitness Instructor award


Having nordic walked for many years in SE London, I qualified as an instructor when I moved to leafy Surrey. I am passionate about the many benefits that Nordic Walking can offer. It certainly has improved my life immensely both physically and mentally, and I want to share that feeling with everyone!

I took over Surrey Striders in April 2021 and now offer 5 regular weekly guided walks and run Learn to Walk courses as well as workshops, challenges, charity walks, short breaks and social events.  I am fortunate to have 6 qualified Walk Leaders who work with me too. 

The first step to experiencing the joy of Nordic Walking, is to learn how to do it safely, and to maximise its benefits. Contact Us now to give it a try. 

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‘Nordic Walking is allowing me to achieve my goals, whilst being kind and gentle on my body.  I am passionate about teaching others this effective and fun technique which will improve their health, their fitness levels and also allow them to receive the numerous other benefits this activity has to offer.’

Joining a Surrey Striders walking group, will not just get you fit, but will enable you to make new friends and have fun whilst exercising.  Surrey Striders has 70+ walkers; groups of these can often be seen ‘striding’ throughout the countryside with their poles and a smile on their faces.