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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are poles supplied?    Yes, for all sessions and guided walks

  • What footwear is required?   Walking shoes or boots should be comfortable and waterproof and allow flexion of the foot

  • What clothing is required?   Layered clothing is best as it will allow you to adjust to the weather without restricting movement. Breathable fabrics are great and an outer waterproof shell is a must. Gloves can be useful to prevent initially chilly hands

  • Do walks go ahead in all weathers?   Yes, unless the weather is a risk, i.e. high winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, however changes may be made to the walks rather than cancelled

  • Do you have to be fit?   Not at all, your fitness will improve over time as the technique is very effective, and you can choose a walk suitable for your fitness level

  • Do you have to be a certain age?   No, it is suitable for all ages and abilities

  • Can I come on my own?   Of course, you will make lots of new friends as my groups are all very sociable and friendly

  • What should I bring?   Whenever you are exercising, it is advisable to bring a drink, on longer walks a healthy snack such as nuts or a banana is recommended.  Sun screen and hats in hot weather are also important.  A small and slim rucksack is also ideal, allowing your arms to freely swing from the shoulder.  A waterproof jacket is advisable and all personal medication, if applicable, should be carried at all times