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Surrey Striders

Surrey Striders was started in September 2009 by myself, Julia Tilbury.  I organise Nordic Walking events throughout the year, around the beautiful Surrey countryside, including the Surrey Hills and North Downs.


I arrange regular weekly guided walks and run courses (Taster Sessions, a Beginner’s Course and Technique Refresher Sessions) as well as workshops, challenges, charity walks, short breaks and social events.  I am fortunate to have a qualified Walk Leader to support Surrey Striders who has been walking with me regularly since 2010.


The first step is to complete a Beginner’s Course which will teach you the steps to correct and competent Nordic Walking, then you will be able to join my regular walks throughout the week, which range from 3 to 15 miles and last 1 ½ to 3 hours in duration.  Walks are arranged to suit all abilities; walkers can choose from an easy, intermediate or challenging walk depending on their fitness and Nordic Walking technique.

Julia Tilbury

My name is Julia and I am a qualified International Nordic Walking Association (INWA) Instructor and I am a member of both the British Nordic Walking (BNW) and Nordic Walking UK (NWUK) associations.


My goal is to be able to partake in and enjoy fitness throughout life and to exercise regularly; I have always enjoyed walking and being outdoors and I am well aware of the health benefits these bring.


Qualified British Nordic Walking (INWA) and Nordic Walking UK (NWUK) Instructor.  Bronze National Navigation Award, Public and Teaching liability insurance.  First aid trained.

Joining a Surrey Striders walking group, will not just get you fit, but will enable you to make new friends and have fun whilst exercising.  Surrey Striders has 70+ walkers; groups of these can often be seen ‘striding’ throughout the countryside with their poles and a smile on their faces.


‘Nordic Walking is allowing me to achieve my goals, whilst being kind and gentle on my body.  I am passionate about teaching others this effective and fun technique which will improve their health, their fitness levels and also allow them to receive the numerous other benefits this activity has to offer.’

A Surrey Striders Nodic Walking Group photo in a wood on a crisp Autumn day. Julia Tilbury owner of Surrey Striders Nordic Walking, taken on a Christmas walk.

Poles are provided for all walks.  Suitable footwear such as walking shoes and boots are required.  Clothing suitable to the weather must be worn.  Comprehensive sessions that include a health assessment, a brief introduction to the history and benefits of Nordic Walking, progressive walking techniques, warm up and cool down exercises and follow on advice.

Risk Assessments of all locations are carried out beforehand for safety, vehicle security, free parking, toilets (where possible), café/pub facilities (dependent on walk length) and emergency vehicle access.

Nordic Walking is very much a green activity, imposing minimal impact on the Surrey Hills countryside.  Surrey Striders always follow the countryside code and are committed to conserving the area.  Groups can consist of 4 to 12 walkers and with the help of my walk leader, up to 24. Walking routes are planned in advance, sticking to the path at all times.  It is important to conserve this stunning landscape and Surrey Striders feel strongly about educating others to do the same.  If we do not take care of our immediate countryside then it will not exist for future generations to enjoy, just as we have.


Sometimes the simplest things are overlooked, so when groups are out in the countryside, we ensure all rubbish is taken back and placed in the bin.  Surrey Striders run guided walks around 4 times a week, which also means that a great number of miles are covered across the Surrey Hills.  We are able to keep an eye on routes and walking paths, if some are overgrown then we contact the council and inform then.  The same goes if we come across any benches, stiles or fences that look like they may need some TLC.

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